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My name is Jeremy Davis, and I am the Instructional Technology Coordinator for the Anaheim City School District in Orange County, California.  I was a Teacher on Special Assignment for instructional technology in the Magnolia School District for 3 years.  I am also an Educational Technology Trainer for the Orange County Department of Education, teaching teachers and administrators various classes including the Technology Module of the Tier 1 Administrative Credential program. I am a lead learner and have presented for CUE, the Computer Using Educators Conference, at TechEd, at the ILC (Innovative Learning Conference), California League of Middle Schools, EdWeek's Digital Directions Leadership Forum, and for the Discovery Educator Network (United Streaming). I am a presenter and member of the steering committee for the Lead 3.0 administrator's technology conference. I am a STAR educator for Discovery Education, a Google Certified Teacher, a member of CUE and ISTE, and I love teaching technology.  I work with MAC OSX, Windows, and Linux. 

Twitter: Teachtech

Diigo: Teachtech

I was a finalist for the Project Tomorrow Innovation in Education Award as High Impact Teacher for Orange County in 2008, and have been named one of "20 to Watch" in Educational Technology for 2008 by the National School Board Association.

Videos have been developed for Macs and Windows, using both paid software like Microsoft Office, and free software like Open Office.  Videos have also been developed for many web 2.0 websites, which can be used on any platform.

I have spent over 10 years in the technology and educational fields, and have taught all grades kindergarten through sixth (except 3rd) as a classroom teacher.  As a Teacher on Special Assignment, I taught over 1000 K-6 classroom model lessons for teachers with mobile laptop carts. I decided that I should take that experience and develop a curriculum that districts can use to ensure graduating 6th - 8th graders have the technology skills that they need to move on to the next level of schooling.

In my time teaching model lessons in the classroom, I have discovered many teachers were not comfortable with the technology. I often heard them confess, "I wish I could have you in my classroom all the time."  Well, the idea for the videos was born. As your Virtual Technology Teacher, I can be in your classroom whenever you would like. I can be paused, rewound, and played over and over for skill enhancement.  Teachers can listen to me a few times and then teach the lesson themselves, or teachers can use me as the classroom teacher while they work the room, helping individual students to keep up.

All staff members are welcome to utilize the videos at home, and parents can be given the password to learn the programs at home as well.

I truly hope you enjoy the lessons. I am always open to suggestions for new lessons, and I will be updating them constantly. You can reach me any of the ways described below. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.





In these tough economic times, schools are struggling to maintain full-time computer lab teachers.  Often technology instruction is left to teachers who are not comfortable with integrating technology into the curriculum.  You will find that our prices are about 1/80th of the cost of one full-time computer teacher.  I would NEVER suggest replacing a full-time teacher with this video program.  However, if you can't afford a teacher in the lab, or a TOSA to be in all the classrooms, then this is your alternative.

Because of our economic times, we have cut the starting price to $.75 per student for district orders for the first year, and for subsequent years of the budget crisis.  Once budgets return to normal, the original price schedule will resume.  We are presuming around 2012.

If you are writing an EETT Competitive grant or ARRA grant, we can partner with you to provide on-demand technology professional development.  This program also qualifies for ongoing playouts across district video on-demand systems for those districts looking to fill airtime with quality professional development programming.

District orders also include 2 custom videos of your choosing. 

Number of Students Price Per Student
0-10,000 $1.00
10,001 - 20,000 $.89
20,001 - 30,000 $.79
30,001 - 40,000 $.69
40,001 + $.59


For $500, 1000 students and all staff members can have constant, on-demand technology training.

Students are also allowed to access videos at home, making this a tremendous PR opportunity for your school or district to offer technology training to parents.

Districts have done fund-raisers, asking parents to send in $1 to have access to technology lessons at home.  This is a very easy way to pay for the program.



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